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Oven tray automatic stacker

Siscodata has developed an oven tray automatic stacking machine for industrial bakeries. At the beginning of the change of format operation, the machine is activated and provides to remove the old format trays from the line in use. The trays are then stacked onto a trolley equipped with tilting wheels. Once the requested height is reached, the trolley is ejected by the machine and a new, empty one is automatically loaded in its place. This way, the process can run without interruptions.

The system allows to save the operators from a particularly oppressive job, which is so due to various factors:

  • The remarkable weight of the trays (usually made with Tefloned metal);
  • The high temperature of the trays coming out from the baking process;
  • The particularly critical timings which do not allow for interruptions, so rendering the operation very stressful for the operators.
The system can also be integrated with a "twin" machine: while this retrieves and stacks the trays from the line, the other machine handles the insertion of the new format trays on the line.

Oven tray backery stacker industrial automatic

Trolley tray stack pile for oven product Industrial Oven tray baguette, panini, bread, hanburger


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