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Bottle depalletizing
Robot Siscodata Comau glass bottle depalletizer Our depalletizer robot system is a flexible solution for bottle depalletizing tasks. The robot can manage europallets (800x1200) or american pallets (1000x1200) with up to 7 bottle layers. The robot can feed two production lines at the same time. The gripper has sensors to adapt the robot behaviour to the pallet shape (usually slant after the logistic chain). The gripper can pick up one entire layer of bottles per cycle and a va …read more
Wine bottle boxing
Wine Bottle Boxing We can provide a complete robotized boxing system for wine industries. This plant carries out several operations in a fully automatic way: Carton forming with hot-melt glue bottom sealing; Bottle matrix assembling 3x2, 4x3, 3x1; Carton box filling; Weigh-checking with an automatic ejecting system for non-conforming boxes; Box top sealing by tape. The productivity of the line can reach 7.000 bottles/h …read more
Dentist powder bags Boxing and Palletizing
Matrix former diverter for bags This robotic system can concentrate many tasks in one single robot area:Bag matrix building in different formats (depending from the boxes);Box forming and bottom sealing;Carton filling; Weigh-checking;Gadget insertion (a certain number of spoons and instruction sheets are placed on the top of the box);Box sealing;Palletizing (in different box patterns);Pallet horizontal stretch wrapping. …read more
Robot Palletizer: Fast light palletizer with pallet dispenser
This fast palletizer solution can manage two input box lines and build two pallets of different boxes at the same time. The multi-box gripper permits to improve the speed. This robot can also add a carton interlayer between boxes to improve the stability. The wooden pallets (standard Europallets) are automatically provided by two pallet dispensers. This solution is particulary cost effective for …read more
Two bay robot simple palletizer
Siscodata Comau Robot Palletizer pizza breadThis simple light palletizer robot is a cost effective solution with a strong flexibility. It can handle a wide range of boxes, with a wide range of box patterns. This solution has one input line and two pallet bays. The robot builds one pallet first and than switches to the other, giving more time margin to the operator. …read more
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